Daily Adventures 008

I had to run some errands in the morning for school since I start again in Febuary. I believe I kept running around until the afternoon. Before I knew it, I was already heading to work. I started a few hours early until closing with Mike and Cliff. After work, I met up with Jullian, Rinna, and Ryan since we planned on night shooting again. Randy wanted to tag along so we headed off to his place. Decided to shoot his backyard view from his balcony which is always a nice view. From there, we made our way to Alemany Maze since they have never been there before. Again, I can never get tired of photographing this place. Since I was getting tired, decided to leave early and call it a day.

Leak B&W.




Fully Laced, San Francisco.

Fully Laced, San Francisco.

Fully Laced, San Francisco.





Fly Away.



Thanks to Brandon, I was able to obtian a pair of Original 1985 Metallic Red and White I's. Not only that, but thanks to Jullian and Rinna for the 1998 Black & Red XIII's and 2001 Snakeskin XI's.

1985 Metallic Red & White I's.

1985 Metallic Red & White I's.

1998 Black & Red XIII's.

2001 Snakeskin XI's.


Currently working on these 2009 Space Jam XI's.
2009 Space Jam XI's.